May 2015

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May was a busy month at RUBARB! We took a group to Jazz Fest, hosted bike repair nights for the Public Library’s summer reading program and had lots of volunteers come by the shop to help out.  RUBARB is also happy to start a partnership with Biking For A Better Life, a riding group from the Gentilly area, and continue our partnership with Girls Rock Summer Camp! Thanks to all who participated and joined us in May!

The weather warmed up and was somewhat rainy throughout the month but definitely got folks looking to fix their bikes for some springtime fun. Schools were pretty much all wrapped up by the end of May so lots of youth have been working on bikes and using the shop.  Summer time at RUBARB can be busy so if you’re looking to take on a bigger project, please try to arrive at the shop when we open to make certain you will have enough time to work on your bike project. 

NOTE: RUBARB has a new shop policy – no more than 5 bike projects on the shop floor at any given time.  We have 5 bike stands and enough space on the shop floor for about 5 projects at any given time. We also have flat fixing area that is not on the shop floor so minor adjustments and repairs can be completed in that area.