September 2015

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Big tings a gwaan in these parts! (translation: a lot of things are happening!) RUBARB is in full swing with a great crew of volunteers for the 2015/16 school year. Check out the photos from this month.

We are all super happy to welcome Jujuan as RUBARB’s first paid staff member. From the generosity of Youth Empowerment Project and the brilliance of Woody, Jujuan was at the shop for a trial period during the month of September during every open shop. He was both knowledgable and a valuable addition to the RUBARB family.   Jujuan was a student at YEP, trained by Woody, and a RUBARB neighbor. The plan is to expand that trial period from one month to a longer term thing, which is really dope! 

RUBARB has also teamed up with our neighbor and creator of the game called Kangaroo Court, Ms. Janilyn Johnson. The aim is to bring positive opportunities for the youth in the Upper 9th. Ms. Johnson has been doing just that and is looking to expand her vision to a Community Center on Louisa Street.  So it was the perfect time for us to  join forces!!  We are really grateful for her community leadership and her dedication to making the neighborhood safe for kids to play and grow together.