Rubarb 10th Anniversary Fundraiser!!!!!!!!

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Its that time of year again, time for our Annual Rubarb Fundraiser!! It’s a night that combines bikes, music, puppetry, auction, and rad people. This year, Dashing Bicycles on Broad and Esplanade have been gracious enough to host our crew. Like in past years, we will have a diverse set of talented musicians performing, a live auction with a certified auctioneer, and an elaborate DIY puppet  show.  Come thru and chill, drink, eat, and dance at the Rubarb Fundraiser on April 1st 2016 at Dashing Bicycles on Broad St.

Event: Tenth Anniversary Rubarb Fundraiser

Date & Time: April 1st 2016 @ Dashing Bicycles on Esplanade and N. Broad

Cost: 10 Buxx