RIP Jerry

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Hello Rubarb folk,

I know we haven’t had an update in a minute, but a more detailed update with how are summer has been rolling as we move into the school year will be coming soon. 

We wanted to reach out because a former volunteer and all-star mechanic, Jerry, passed away last Sunday. It’s hard to convey how much Jerry meant to our daily shop hours, because he helped soooooooo many people repair their bikes. To this day, he was the only one I knew who could take almost any frame from our pile and help someone restore it to an almost fully functional bike in a within a week….We are only open three days a week!!! He was literally a community bike guru and we will sorely miss him, his humour, and his skill. 

Service info:

“One Last Ride” and Memorial Gathering. Bring your bicycle and meet at the Morning Call Coffee Stand in City Park(the old casino building) for staging a 730am. The bike ride is set to begin at 8am and we will ride until 9am ending at Morning Call for coffee, beignets and stories til about 1030am. If you’re able, please bring a donation of dog food which will be given to shelters to help feed the dogs displaced by the flood. 12 noon burial service in the Garden of Peace at he Garden of Memories Cemeteray on 4800 Airline Dr., Metairie. Immediately following the graveside service, please join us for refreshments at St. Vincent’s Hall, (between the Our Lady of Rosary Rectory and the Office) 1322 Moss St

Below is a link to Jerry’s Obituary: